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For detailed administration instructions, watch the video below.

Image showing 4 potential injection sites on the abdomen approximately 2 inches away from the navel. Injection sites are numbered 1 through 4 in a clockwise pattern.

1. Prepare the abdominal injection site

Find adequate subcutaneous tissue that is free of skin conditions (e.g., nodules, lesions, excessive pigment). It is recommended that the patient is in the supine position. Clean the injection site well with an alcohol pad. To help minimize irritation, rotate injection sites following a pattern similar to the illustration. Do not inject into an area where the skin is irritated, reddened, bruised, infected, or scarred in any way.

Injection site

2. Pinch injection site

Pinch the skin around the injection area. Be sure to pinch enough skin to accommodate the size of the needle. Lift the adipose tissue from the underlying muscle to prevent accidental intramuscular injection.

Injecting medication

3. Inject medication

Insert needle fully into the subcutaneous tissue. Inject the medication slow and steady. PERSERIS is for subcutaneous administration only. Do not inject by any other route.

NOTE: Recommended injection angle is 45 degrees, but the actual angle of injection will depend on the amount of subcutaneous tissue.

Withdrawing the needle

4. Withdraw the needle

Use the same angle used for insertion and release pinched skin. Do not rub the injection area after the injection. If there is bleeding, apply a gauze pad or bandage, but use minimal pressure.